Stimwave SCS/PNS

Stimwave Freedom Stimulators


Stimwave’s Freedom SCS & PNS Stimulators, the world’s only fully programmable wireless stimulator platform for Peripheral Nerve and Spinal Cord Stimulation, features the world’s smallest, micro size neurostimulator, 35x-100x smaller than other systems. Revolutionizing the industry with sleek, easily wearable technology for patients needing pain management. Freedom Stimulators are freedom from the implantable battery. Stimwave’s SCS System in the SURF RCT, demonstrated an average of 76% Reduction in Back Pain, with 88% of the patients in chronic pain remission at 6 months. Freedom Stimulators are full body 3T MRI SCS and full body 1.5T MRI PNS conditional systems. Visit us at


Stimwave Freedom Stimulators provide a safe approach to neuromodulation therapy, reducing the risks associated with Implantable Pulse Generators (IPGs) that contain lithium-ion batteries. Freedom Stimulators are the world’s smallest neurostimulators and are conditional for full body MRI (see conditions). The Wearable Antenna Assembly (WAA) incorporates easy-to-access buttons to adjust therapy as needed, and can be recharged easily via a micro-USB.

The Freedom Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) System is used to treat pain with placement of electrodes in the epidural space of the spinal column.

The StimQ Peripheral Nerve Stimulator (PNS) System utilizes the same technology as the Freedom SCS System creating an energy field that acts on peripheral nerves to treat chronic pain. The device is inserted through a needle sized incision, and can be placed to stimulate peripheral nerves throughout your body (excluding craniofacial nerves).