About Prometra

Most medications for pain management are taken by mouth or injection. There are some disadvantages to this: the medication has to travel through the entire bloodstream before it begins to have an effect on the nerves, brain, and other parts of the body to relieve pain. For some patients, this causes side effects including drowsiness, confusion, nausea, constipation, and respiratory depression. Over time, the body may become used to the medication, requiring higher doses to manage pain.

The Flowonix Prometra drug delivery system is different. Medication is delivered directly into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord. Medication is delivered using the medication pump, which is implanted under the skin. This means that therapy can be managed by lower doses of medication than if taken by mouth.

Prometra Pump

1 Advanced Features

2 Suture Ring

3 Refill Septum

4 Catheter Access Port

5 Catheter Connection

6 Flexible Catheter System

Prometra features our unique Precision Dosing System (PDS) that is designed to accurately and reliably deliver medicine minimizing the effect of reservoir volume or environmental factors including temperature and pressure. The PDS provides physicians with micro-dosing capabilities. With a 10+ year battery life, fewer pump replacement procedures may be required.

Pump specifications:
Height: 24mm
Diameter: 69mm
Empty Weight: 150g
Accuracy: 96.8%
Longevity: 10 years
Reservoir: 20ml

We’ve improved the way our pump is anchored by incorporating a suture ring onto the pump, designed to provide a lower rate of suture complications and to prevent tissue ingrowth, which can complicate the process of pump replacement.

To enhance the safety of refills, palpation of the port is improved by incorporating a 3mm raised ridge and wider opening – 61% wider than previous pumps. The silicone in the septum is rated to withstand an average of 1,000 punctures of the refill septum.

For safety, the catheter access port and needle are designed to be incompatible with the refill needle and port.

The pump features a “sutureless” connection with the redundant catheter lock that is able to resist over one pound of pull-out force. As a mark of the success of this design innovation, during the clinical trial with 110 patients, there were no catheter disconnection complications.

Ensuring the catheter remains connected to the pump is vital, but patients often bend and stress the connection. However, our flexible pump stem is designed to both be easier to initially connect during implant and to help prevent loss to the integrity of the connection post-operatively.

Prometra Refill Kit

The Prometra® refill kit contains the various components the physician will require to properly refill the medicine in the pump. Clinicians can easily locate the septum through palpation; a raised ring around the pump’s refill septum aids in identification, and differentiates it from the catheter access port.

As a supplemental safety feature, the refill kit contains a template and needle that has been designed to be incompatible with the catheter access port (CAP) and only function within the refill septum. The non-coring tip design enables liquid to exit the needle and enter the reservoir in a way that is designed to not be compatible with entry into the CAP.

Prometra Programmer

The Prometra® Programmer is a handheld device for the purpose of externally programming the Prometra Pump. It has been designed to be ergonomic and very easy to use, with a clear backlit screen and intuitive user interface. It can be used for a variety of tasks including: programming the pump to adjust constant medicine flow rates, setting up complex medicine delivery schedules, reviewing programming history, and printing patient records. The Prometra Programmer is also used to provide boluses, keep track of refill information, or stop the pump. Please contact us using our online form if you have questions or would like to learn more about Prometra. 

Catheter Access Kit

The Prometra® Catheter Access Port (CAP) kit contains the various components required to properly utilize the Catheter Access Port on the Prometra Programmable Pump.

Proper location of the CAP is facilitated by the pump’s teardrop design, the palpable raised ring surrounding the pump’s refill septum, and use of the template contained within the CAP kit. This intentional design and provided tools offer an additional level of safety, supporting the high product quality objectives set in place by Flowonix.

The non-coring CAP needles contain discharge ports located too high to properly function within the refill septum, which protects from confusing the CAP with the refill septum. For additional safety measures, the refill kit contains a separate template and needle designed specifically to identify and function within the refill septum and not the CAP.

Advantage of Prometra

The advantages of the Prometra drug delivery system include this cutting-edge technology along with the convenience of medication that is automatically delivered and the pain management effects of medication that is delivered where the body needs it most.